3E Sponsorship
Welcome to our 3-E (Endorse Entrepreneurial Education) sponsorship opportunity.

You know NWEN from the work we have done to improve the success of startups in the Pacific Northwest for the past 27 years. We are a non-profit dedicated to educating entrepreneurs. Our mission is to teach startups everything they need to know and introduce them to everyone they need to know to make their first startup feel like their second, and we NEED your help. Will you sponsor NWEN? Will you Endorse Entrepreneurial Education?

Your $1000 annual sponsorship helps NWEN provide over 60 educational and networking opportunities in the form of classes, workshops, breakfasts, and fast-pitch pub nights. It is here that entrepreneurs learn how to research and write business plans. It is here that they learn to pitch investors. And it is here that they build the networks that lead to success. Your endorsement makes this possible.

3-E Sponsorship benefits:
- Your logo and link-through on the NWEN website’s Community Partners page.
- Our 3-E logo to display on your website announcing that you Endorse Entrepreneurial Education.
- You get four annual memberships to NWEN providing you with access and discounts to our events.
- The assurance that NWEN will continue working to make local startups successful.

If you support NWEN’s mission, if you believe that a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is the key to a healthy local economy, and if you would like to give back in the form of a charitable donation then we ask that you support NWEN though our 3-E sponsorship. Thank you for your support!
$1,000.00 / Year
NWEN Member
NWEN Membership is now $99 for ALL members.
Here at NWEN we want to keep our memberships simple. Our Northwest Entrepreneur Network membership now extends to entrepreneurs and professional members alike. The rate is $99 for everyone. That amount gives you complete access to our events at the discounted membership price.
$99.00 / Year
NWEN/WTIA Joint Membership
$268.00 / Year
$35.00 / Year
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