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This is reposted information sent to us from our partners at the Washington Interactive Network:

Seattle, WA – Jobs and revenue are still growing in the Seattle area’s Interactive Media industry announced Friday during the Washington Interactive Network’s 5th Annual Power of Play. There are more than 350 firms in the region, up from 150 in 2007 making it an annual growth rate of 18% in the last five years. Revenues from regional games companies estimated at $9.7 billion in 2010, up from $4.1 billion in 2006, a 25% compounded annual growth.

These numbers are early results from a new Economic Impact Study and Cluster Analysis with the full report to be released in April. The study is being conducted by Community Attributes Inc. in Seattle, the same company that led the 2007 study. The study is funded by enterpriseSeattle and a grant provided by the Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge.


The annual growth rate over the last five years in local industry jobs is estimated between 4 and 4.5% reaching a total of 16,500 to 17,500 interactive media employees in the Seattle area. “Tracking the jobs and dollars for the interactive media industry is quite challenging”, said Kristina Hudson, Executive Director of the Washington Interactive Network. “Many groups around the world attempt to give accurate numbers of this industry, but almost always they are using mailing lists, multipliers, and formulas to try and calculate the number of companies and employees in a region. We are the only group that I know of who actually tracks company-by-company to give the most accurate representation of employment as possible.”


An industry competitiveness study by was conducted in 2010 and it may shed some light as to the reason why the Seattle region is seeing this kind of growth. The study found that three cities rank in the top tier of the world’s leading regions in Interactive Media: Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose. Of these top tier regions, this study finds the Seattle area the most competitive in the United States and the world for growth in the Interactive Media sector. These findings are based on industry-selected indicators of competitiveness: Number of firms, Computer and engineering talent, Multimedia and animation talent, Educational institutions, Cost of living, and Cost of business.


"These numbers will come as a breath of fresh air in a time of a struggling economy," said Jeff Marcell, President and CEO of enterpriseSeattle. "We are proud to have this growing industry in our region and we are committed to doing everything we can to maintaining the growth."

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