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Do you have startup questions? Need to chat? Book time with our Executive Director Daniel Rossi.

Whether you're working on a business plan, hit a snag and need to talk through it with a pro, or you're looking for a connection in our community, Daniel reserves time on Fridays to meet with entrepreneurs.

While you're at our office, be sure to check out the HUB work space. Reserve a spot for the day! Ask NWEN about a FREE day pass.

Scheduling: Select ONE of the above 30-minute time slots and book a FREE "ticket" (single bookings only). Our system will ask that you create a log-in - - no membership or fee is required. See below for further disclaimers and expectations.

Location: The HUB Seattle, 220 - 2nd Avenue South, Suite 205; Seattle, WA 98104

**Please come up to the second floor (either by the large staircase or elevator) - office hours will be held in one of the small conference rooms in the open work area (near kitchen)**

Direction & Parking: Full information can be found at - Please check if you have not yet been to the Hub Seattle.

Contact Information: Reach us any time on our office line: 206-420-0226.

Disclaimers, Expectation, & Cancellation Policy:

We want to serve as many entrepreneurs as possible so we ask that you reserve only one session per day AND per quarter. We are happy to follow up a conversation at one of our other events or briefly over email. Help us help you!

Please arrive a few minutes early. Time slots are a quick 30 minutes and we stick to the time slot reserved (nothing over or under).

Cancellation Policy: If you need to reschedule and/or cancel, please give us 24hrs notice either by email ( or phone (main line: 206-420-0226).

We do reserve the right to cancel appointments if we feel someone is abusing the program.

This is a monitored service. Thank you for your agreement and understanding!

08 Feb 2013
12:00pm - 2:30pm

  • The HUB Seattle 220 - 2nd Avenue South, Suite 205; Seattle, WA 98104