Online Affiliate Marketing – A Profitable Business for Many

Some of you may have been wondering about online affiliate marketing, and whether you can run a successful online business based on commissions of affiliate sales alone. I’m here to tell you that yes, you absolutely can. Small-time bloggers all the way up to multi-million dollar companies are now cashing in on affiliate sales. So what exactly does online affiliate marketing consist of? Breaking it down into simple terms, it begins with writing about a product or service (promotion), which typically includes a special tracking link (referral) to that product or service. If the reader clicks that link, and then makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Depending on the affiliate program you belong to, you can earn anywhere from 1-50% or more!

Imagine you just bought the perfect pair of headphones and you want to recommend it to your readers. Simply write a blog post and add an affiliate link to the product from your website. If one of them buys it, you make money. One of my favorite affiliate programs is through Amazon, which pays a commission anywhere from 2-10% depending on the number of sales you make and the type of product being sold. The Amazon Associates Program is a great choice for beginners. Not only is this a highly-popular, and well-trusted brand, but Amazon sells a vast range of products in a number of niches. Whether you’re interested in books, electronics, or gardening tools, I bet Amazon has it. Some people pick a small niche and focus on that. For example, is all about electric shavers, razors, and other shaving accessories.This can be referred to as a “niche” site. They go into great detail reviewing all of the top shaving gear, and they make a pretty penny doing it.  In fact, it was sold in the not-too-distant past for over $60,000 on Flippa. Not too bad considering we’re talking about the promotion of shaving accessories! Other product review sites take a much broader approach to affiliate sales, and may include products anywhere from headphones and laptops or other electronics, automotive accessories to garage tools and gardening equipment. This is different from a “niche” site, because there are a number of different “categories” all within the same website. Both approaches seem to work, though picking a “niche” is probably cheaper to manage and requires knowledge on a much smaller range of topics. If this is your first attempt at online affiliate marketing, picking a “niche” that you are passionate about and familiar with is probably the best way to go about it.

As you can see, the number of different products that are found on Amazon alone are quite advantageous when it comes to making the sale and targeting a wide range of customers. There seems to be no sale in the recent past of that website, but based on the number of visitors they receive each month and the high price tag of many of the items they promote (cameras, TV, etc.) I can bet they are doing better than most.

amazon associates programRemember, you don’t NEED to have a website to do this. As long as you can send visitors to Amazon through that affiliate link, you can make money. Maybe you have a large email list that is targeted for products in your niche. Maybe you are a social media guru. Regardless of how you plan to capitalize on your traffic, Amazon will pay you if you can make them sales.

While it may sound easy, achieving success in online affiliate marketing isn’t always that simple. Many people have tried and failed to make a decent living. Others have been able to quit their jobs and make a full-time income off their affiliate sales income. Whatever your hopes and dreams may be, the Amazon associates can help bring in some cash if you are produce valuable content and can successfully send readers to make a purchase.